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Got Critters? We can help! Critter Cops is a South Florida animal control company that can help remove those unwanted house guests. Snakes, lizards and other unwelcome visitors often make their way into your home and nest. This can cause awful odors, germs and disease. Removal of these animals is critical as nesting often will lead to reproduction. Also providing preventative services we provide a humane and in many cases non lethal alternative to removing critters from your home. Living in South Florida's tropical climate we have to accept all types of creepy crawly and sometimes dangerous exotic species, but we don't have to have them living in our home!




- Trapping of an animal: $199

- Removal of a trapped animal: $95

- Removal of a dead animal: $299

- Snake removal: $149

- Venomous snake removal: $199

- Repairs: $15 - $50


If any additional services are required, the price will be discussed and set on an individual basis.


**Payment plans available if necessery**