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Got Critters? We can help! Critter Cops Fl Inc is a South Florida animal control company that can help remove those unwanted house guests. Snakes, lizards and other unwelcome visitors often make their way into your home and nest. This can cause awful odors, germs and disease. Removal of these animals is critical as nesting often will lead to reproduction. Also providing preventative services we provide a humane and in many cases non lethal alternative to removing critters from your home. Living in South Florida's tropical climate we have to accept all types of creepy crawly and sometimes dangerous exotic species, but we don't have to have them living in our home!




Catching critters is our business. If your South Florida home is under invasion by opossums, bats, raccoons, snakes or other invasive animals, you can count on us for safe and humane removal. We service Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties and surrounding areas. Our specialists are certified and licensed in the state of Florida.


( Please no calls about dogs or cats.

You may go to the Broward County animal services page or call 954-359-1313 )



Raccoons and Opposums are the most common problem in Florida. They usually chew through screening or pull apart at areas on your roof to gain access inside the home. Once inside, they remain there and multiply until removed. The scent they leave often attracts other wild animals that are  searching for a nesting place.

We will first determine which type of animal has entered your residence. We will then choose the most appropriate trappping method and our 'have-a-heart' traps to ensure the animals are safe and are not injured ( we do not use chemical sprays or poisons ).

After safely removing the animals, we will repaire any damaged areas or potential future entry points.



Snakes often use trees to gain access to the roof where they search for entry points. They can also get in through common entrance ways such as doors, windows and garages.

If the snake can be physically located, we will remove it. Occasionally snakes will retreat into a wall, which requires special trapping methods to ensure safe removal.


- BATS :

Bats will rest such places as balconies, roofs, porches, etc. They are active from dusk until dawn generally feeding on mosquitoes. If the bats aren't physically seen, their presence can be detected by the strong odor of their feces known as 'guano'.

Bats are protected species during certain times of the year.



A dead animal in or around your home may pose a serious health hazard. Aside from the odor, any fleas and ticks left behind will look for a new host and may transmit disease, you may also find maggots and other parasites entering your home.

We provide quick and safe removal of dead animals.

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 Our commitment to you is to provide safe, quick, and humane removal of unwanted critters, living or dead. Your home is your sanctuary and we believe that living in a safe environment is something everyone deserves. We are also dedicated to humane treatment of your "visitors". Many of our animals are released back into their natural habitat or relocated to new homes where they can recieve the care they require.